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From the NextBillion web site: 

What is the purpose of is both a knowledge repository and a space for discussion and networking among those with an interest in the “next billion”―the next billion to rise from the base of the economic pyramid (BOP) as participants in healthy economies, and the next billion in profits for businesses, from multinational to microenterprises, to earn by selling to underserved markets.

What does BOP mean?

BOP, an acronym for "base of the (economic) pyramid," refers to the approximately four billion people whose incomes are less than 3000 USD per year (PPP), based on analysis done at the World Resources Institute. It has also been defined as those living on less than 1500 USD per year, based on analysis done by C.K. Prahalad. BOP, first used by Professors C.K. Prahalad and Stuart Hart, has come to designate not the poverty but the potential of the world's poorest citizens as entrepreneurs, employees and consumer markets. Wikipedia provides more in-depth information on the term.

What are the features available on

Blogging : NextBillion staff use the blogging functionality to post ideas, opinions and questions for discussion. Readers can suggest stories; NextBillion moderators carefully consider all suggestions.

Newsroom: Find the latest news on business models operating at the BOP, culled daily from dozens of newspapers, blogs, and specialized sites.

Activity Database: Information capsules on hundreds of projects bringing services, products, and jobs to the BOP.

Events Calendar: Keep track of upcoming conferences and other events focused on business for development.

Resources: Find a wealth of case studies, publications, conference extracts and presentations, a glossary of frequently used terms, and many other resources.

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Coverage Dates: 2006-present