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RIA Academic Advantage Library (Checkpoint)

This resource requires users to register for an account from a computer on the university campus before use. Access is then arranged via e-mail. Follow these instructions to register:


To register as a Checkpoint user, you must use one of your institution's computers. When the Checkpoint registration page recognizes your institution as an approved institution, it will automatically assign you a valid Checkpoint login ID.

Access Checkpoint registration:

During the registration process, your computer IP address must be within the range of IP addresses provided during the signing of the contract.  Clicking the link will take each user to a registration page where they will need to provide (as minimum) the following information:

  • First Name (at least two characters)
  • Last name (at least two characters)
  • E-mail address (it would validate the domain email address)
  • Group/practice/Semester.

After registering, each user will receive an e-mail message with login information that will allow them to access the product.