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From 2005 through 2015, the Hekman Library hosted an indoor frisbee golf tournament run by former dean Glenn Remelts. This page now exists for historical record only.

Because there is always a waiting list, at least one member of the team must be a current student or employee of Calvin College or Calvin Seminary.

There is room for 32 teams. If your team is on the Wait List, you will be notified a few days before the event. Please, no "walk ons"!  

Refreshments will be provided as well as prizes for the 1st place and 2nd place teams

Course Map Feel free to walk the course before the tournament. (You will be given a map on the evening of the tournament)

Disc Golf Rules

  1. Limited to the first 32 teams. Please, no walk-ins! We need to know how many teams will participate.
  2. Teams consist of two individuals.
  3. Restricted to students, faculty, and staff of Calvin College or Calvin Theological Seminary.
  4. The disc must be constructed of plastic-like material that will not dent, gouge, or scuff under normal use.
  5. Two teams will pair up during the entire course. Team A will fill out team B's scorecard.
  6. Teams 1 and 2 begin at tee 1 (T1); teams 3 & 4 begin at tee 2 (T2); etc
  7. There is no official fairway; all routes are legal - except elevators. 
  8. The team member not throwing can hold open doors. Nothing on the “fairway” may be moved.
  9. Team members alternate throwing. Option 1: Member A completes hole one, member B completes hole two, etc. Option 2: alternate throws on each hole. 
  10. There are no mulligans, do-overs, etc. Every release of the disc is a stroke.
  11. A stroke is added each time the thrower hits the ceiling or anything suspended from the ceiling (i.e., lights, signs, wireless access points).
  12. "NO Fly Zones" are indicated on the map by Lime Green . The disc must be skipped along the floor and must not rise more than three feet off the floor. A stroke will be added if the disc rises above three feet. 
  13. The thrower must have one foot on the exact spot where the disc landed on the fairway.
  14. The “Hole” sign must be touched by the disc. Hitting the string holding the sign does not complete a hole.

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