Cayvan Recorded Media Collection

About Cayvan

The Cayvan Recorded Media Collection is a multi-format media collection located on the 2nd floor of Hekman Library housing the library's audio and visual media collections (movies, music, audiobooks, etc.).

The collection area also provides five media-playback rooms and a variety of other playback devices for in-house patron use.

Materials in the Cayvan collection are available during the library's hours of operation.

Online Audio Through Naxios Music Library

Hekman has access to two online music "libraries," which are helpful for listening to assigned music or just listening for enjoyment! They are Naxos Music Library (NML) and Naxos Jazz.  Both of these resources offer users the ability to listen to thousands of musical recordings one track at a time. NML releases around 200 new CD recordings per year. Playlists can be created by students and professors for private use or for in-class discussion and analysis.

Naxos also offers composer biographies, artist information, custom institutional playlists, free mobile apps, and work analyses of major works.

CAUTION: Naxos is a stream-only resource. Any downloading or burning from NML is prohibited and violates both copyright law and the Terms of Use agreement.

NOTE: There is a limit of 15 simultaneous users for both NML and Naxos Jazz. Questions? Ask for Beth Steele at the main circulation desk or see music librarian Amanda Matthysse for more information.

A Little Bit of Cayvan History

Read about Llewellyn 'Leo' Cayvan (Spark, Summer 2008).