Guide to Using Hekman Library Online

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  The Hekman Library catalog lists all of the materials collected by the library, including books, print journals, multimedia (audio, video, software, etc), government documents, and even e-books and e-journals.
Heritage Hall provides several online indexes of their collections, containing many digitized files. This includes the minutes, acts and agendas of the CRC Synod, family histories, immigrant letters, and many others.
Christian Reformed Church Periodical Index Logo
  The CRCPI contains over 80,000 bibliographic citations for the Banner and other CRC-related publications. These include official publications of the Christian Reformed Church or its institutions, and publications which have a significant number of contributors who affiliated with the CRC or its institutions. Learn more about this locally created database.
Christian Reformed Church Ministers Database Logo
  The CRCMD contains information about current and past CRC Ministers, including their full name, birth place, a photograph, and their current and previous places of service. The CRCMD was created locally in conjunction with Heritage Hall.
Calvinism Resource Database Logo
  CARD indexes articles, essays, and lectures dealing with John Calvin and Calvinism from the 16th century to the present. What began as a "Calvin Bibliography" covering the years 1960-1970 is now a locally created database including nearly 20,000 article citations. The Meeter Center owns a copy of every article included in CARD.
Hekman Library Sermon Index Logo
  For years maintained as a separate card catalog, the HLSI is now maintained online and indexes sermons from through the history of the church which are found in resources in the Hekman Library. Sermons are indexed by author, date, subject, and scripture citation.
Calvin Choral Music Database Logo
  The locally created CCMD contains citation records for choral music stored in binders in Cayvan Services on the 2nd Floor of the Hekman Library. The CCMD is directed primarily to students in choral conducting and area music teachers and choir directors, although the general public is welcome to use it.

For more information on these resources, please contact Paul Fields.