Acts of Synod of the Christian Reformed Church


Acts of Synod of the Christian Reformed Church

Minutes of the Highest Assembly of the Christian Reformed Church 1857-1880

Official Name of the Church:
Holland Reformed Church, 1859-1861.
Ware Hollandsche Gereformeerde Kerk
(True Dutch Reformed Church), 1861-1880
Hollandsche Christelijke Gerformeerde Kerk
(Dutch Christian Reformed Church), 1880.

Official Name of the Highest Assembly:
Classicale Vergadering(Classis), 1857-1865.
Algemeene Vergadering (General Assembly), 1865-1879.
Synodale Vergadering (Synod), 1880.

Since the denomination completed the change from Dutch to English in 1932, the 1936 Synod of the Christian Reformed Church in North America authorized the translation of its minutes into English. In 1865, with the creation of a second classis, the General Assembly (“Algemeene Vergadering”) became the highest ecclesiastical assembly of the denomination. Since some matters during the first years following the creation of the General Assembly were also dealt with at the classical level, this translation contains minutes from both for those years. The minutes of the first classical meeting, held in April 1857, were lost when that session’s presiding officer, Rev. Hendrik G. Klyn, returned to the Reformed Church in America.

The first translation was overseen by a committee headed by professor Clarence Bouma, of Calvin Theological Seminary, in 1937. The actual translation seems to have been done by a number of individuals. The originals were not transcribed nor was the original pagination maintained. In 1999 because the accuracy of the translation varied, probably reflecting individual translators, the Historical Committee of the Christian Reformed Church deemed it advisable to make the translation more consistent. Initial efforts indicated that starting from the original manuscripts would be more effective than editing the 1937 translation. Further advantages of doing so allowed a transcription of the original Dutch to be set in the left column and the English translation on the right, and the original pagination maintained.

Hendrick K. Harms transcribed the original handwritten Dutch into a digital, word processing format. Richard H. Harms translated this set, and that translation was proofread by Boukje Leegwater. All three are native-speakers of Dutch who now live in West Michigan. Additions in the text are indicated in square brackets and all footnotes were added.

Historical Committee of the Christian Reformed Church
© 2000

Classical Assembly

1857  PDF Icon   p. 1-2 1859  PDF Icon  p. 11-22 1863  PDF Icon p. 55-69  1867 PDF Icon p. 163-175
1858a PDF Icon  p. 3-5 1860 PDF Icon p. 23-29 1864 PDF Icon p. 70-104 1868 PDF Icon p. 177-191
1858b PDF Icon  p. 6-7 1861 PDF Icon p. 29-43 1865 PDF Icon p. 104-134 1869 PDF Icon p. 192-218
1858 PDF Icon  p. 8-11 1862 PDF Icon p. 43-54 1866 PDF Icon p. 134-162 1870 PDF Icon p. 219-246

General Assembly

1867 PDF Icon  p. 247-254  1871  PDF Icon p. 281-289 1875  PDF Icon  p. 321-364  1879  PDF Icon p. 432-449
1868 PDF Icon p. 255-259 1872 PDF Icon  p. 290-297 1876 PDF Icon p. 365-392      
1869 PDF Icon p. 260-269 1873 PDF Icon  p. 298-307 1877 PDF Icon p. 393-413      
1870 PDF Icon p. 270-280 1874 PDF Icon  p. 308-320 1878 PDF Icon p. 414-431      


1880 PDF Icon p. 450-506