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Immigrant Letters



Aaltje. Letters, 1907. 3 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Sibley, Iowa - the Netherlands; Aaltje to an uncle.

Aaltje. Letters, [1950s]. 2 items, photocopies. Edmonton, Alberta - Urk, Flevoland; Aaltje to J. de Vries.

Aanen, D.K. and Eimert. Letters, 1860-1934. 36 items, photocopy. Hoornaar, Zuid Holland - Pella, Iowa; D. K. and E. Aanen to Jan and Nicolas Hospers; and Mrs. Edward Cooke to D. K. and Arie Aanen.

D.K. Aanen PDF Scans

Eimert Aanen PDF Scans

Douglas Rozendal, editor; Gerrit W. Sheeres, translator, Across the Atlantic - Correspondence between the Hospers & Aanen Families: 1880-1934 [sic, includes one letter from 1843 and one from 1987], revised edition, privately published, 2016.

Aarnout, Hermina. Letter, 1865. 1 item, typewritten transcription, with translation. Ackley, Iowa - Andyk, Noord Holland; H. Aarnout to her mother.

Aberson, J. Uges. Letters, 1929-1964. 46 items, published letters. Dauphin, Manitoba - Groningen, Groningen; Published in Het Nieuwsblad van het Noorden.

Abrahamse, Marinus Johannes. Memoirs, 1874-1965. 16 leaves, photocopies, with transcription. Oostkapelle, Zeeland - Seattle, Washington.

a'Campo, Josephine Boshouwer. Letters, 1945-1950. 20 items, photocopies. New Plymouth, Idaho - Hoensbroek, Limburg; J. a Campo to Wies Boshouwer.

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Achterburg, Nelly. Letter, 1945.  1 item, photocopy. Woudenberg, Utrecht - Bussey, Iowa; Nelly Achterberg to Josie Groenendijk.

Adema, Jelle. Letter, 1977. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Den Helder, Noord Holland - Dyer, Indiana; Jelle Adema to C. H. Ooms.

Adema, Jelle R. Letter, 1928. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Witmarsum, Friesland - Chicago, Illinois; J. R. Adema to N. Dijkstra.

Admiraal, Jan. Letters, 1952-1955.  5 items, photocopies. Maassluis, Zuid Holland - Rochester, New York; J. Admiraal to F. Krol.

Akkerman, Arendje Bregman. Letter, 1882. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Roseland, Illinois - Burgerbrug, Noord Holland; A. Akkerman to W. Nomes Akkerman.

Akkerman, Dineke Praagman. Letters, 1961-1962. 51 items, photocopies. Glennie, Michigan - Arnhem, Gelderland; D. Akkerman to family.

Ale. Letter, 1945. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Amsterdam, Noord Holland - USA; Ale to his brother and sister-in-law.

Alexander, M. Cadovius. Letter, 1928. 1 item, photocopy. Bergenfield, New Jersey - the Netherlands; M. Alexander to Bertha Antonijsen.

Algra, J.T. Letters, 1867-1889. 11 items, photocopies, with translations. Ee, Friesland - Pella, Iowa; J. T. Algra to J. R. Gorter.

Algra, Reinder Jochum. Letters, 1870-1897. 17 items, photocopies, with translations. Ee, Gelderland - Pella, Iowa; R. J. Algra to J. D. Douma and Jacob Reinders Gorter.

Allema, P. Letters, 1967-1979. 1 items, photocopies. Suawoude, Friesland - Ripon, California; P. Allema - D. Vander Meulen.

Allewijn, J.L. Letters, 1912-1913. 3 items, photocopies. Kalamazoo, Michigan - the Netherlands; J. L. Allewijn to cousins.

Alsdorf, Jan Arnold. Letters, 1911-1959. 101 items, photocopies. Eloy, Arizona - Heerlen, Limburg; J. A. Alsdorf to family.

Anborgh, J. Letter, 1973. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Dordrecht, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New York; J. Anborgh to Jan De Man.

Anema, Dirk. Letter, 1895.  1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Sexbierum, Friesland - USA; D. Anema to his friend Anne.

Annyas, Maaike Huigen. Letters, 1879-1902.  22 items, transcription with partial translations. Pella and Galesburg, Iowa  - Het Bildt, Friesland; M. H. Annyas to relatives.

Anonymous. Letters, 1858. 17 leaves, published letter, translation. Pella, Iowa - Gelderland, the Netherlands; Published pamphlet. De Hollanders in Iowa, Brieven uit Pella, van een Gelderschman. Arnhem, D. A. Thieme, 1858.

Anonymous. Diary, 1879. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Holland, England, Chicago, IL.

Anonymous. Letter, 1885. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Waupun, Wisconsin - Aalten, Overijsel; Anonymous to mother.

Anonymous. Letter, 1887. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Colijnsplaat, Zeeland - USA; Anonymous to Jan, Betje, Joppa.

Anonymous. Travel account, 1880. 10 leaves, transcription and translation. Burum, Friesland - Chicago, Illionis.

Anonymous. Letter, 1945. 1 item, translation. Vijfhuizen, Noth Holland. Anonymous to brother, sisiter, nephew, and niece.

Antvelink, Gradus. Letter, 1882.  1 item, photocopy, with translation. Deventer, Gelderland - Grand Rapids,  Michigan; G. Antvelink to Gerrit Jan Antvelink.

Apol, A. Letter, 1935.  1 item, photocopy, with translation. Wirdum, Groningen - USA; A. Apol to Evenhuis family.

Apol, John. Letters, 1927. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Vaassen, Gelderland; J. Apol to E. Smid.

Apol, John. Letters, 1940-1950. 2 items, photocopies. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Loppersum, Groningen; J. Apol to Geert Werkman.

Arendneven, Hendrik and Janna Kragt. Letter, 1889. 1 item, photocopy. Nieuwleusen, Overijssel - Holland, Michigan; H. and J. Arendneven to Harm Broek and Klaasje Kragt. Published in  Nij Luusn van vrogger, vol. 15, no. 3, September 1997.

Arink, Bernhard. Letter, 1852. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Long Island, New York - Groenlo, Gelderland; B. Arink to relatives.

Arnaud, Louise. Letters, 1846. 2 items, published letters, with translations. Boston, Massachusetts - Arnhem, Gelderland; Louise Arnaud to Rev. A. Brummelkamp. Published in Stemmen uit Noord-Amerika, Amsterdam, Hoogkamer & Comp. 1847.

Asman, J.P. and Hendrikje van der Schuur. Letters, 1866. 3 items, transcriptions and translations. J. P. Asman to relatives.

Aukema, Neeltje Holkema. Letters, 1941-1945. 39 items, translated copies. Ureterp, Friesland - USA; N. H. Aukema to her children.

Austhof, Willem and Louise. Letters, 1904-1905. 4 items, photocopy, with transcriptions and translations. Bedum, Groningen - Grand Rapids, Michigan. W. and L. Austhof to Jacobje and Klaas Hoekzema.

Avink, Harm. Letters, 1883-1943. 25 items, photocopies and microfilm, with translations. Blendon, Michigan  - Lochem, Gelderland; H. Avink to W. Bouwmeester.

Avink, Henry. Diaries, 1915-1943. Microfilm, 2 reels. Borculo, Michigan - Ripon, California.

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