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Immigrant Letters


Kallemeyn, J. and H. Aarnout. Letter, 1895. 1 item, with transcription and translation. Ackley, Iowa - Andijk, Noord Holland; J. and H. Kallemeyn to Cees van der Zande.

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Kallemeyn, Jan Willem and Maria. Letters, 1844-1848. 3 items, transcriptions, with translations. Pella, Iowa - Andijk, Noord Holland; J. W. and M. Kallemeyn to relatives.

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Kamminga, Hendrik. Letters, 1974. 2 items, photocopies, with translations Wyckoff, New Jersey - Grand Rapids, Michigan; H. Kamminga to Gorden Oosterman.

Kamp, Adry. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy with translation. Strijen, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New  York; A. Kamp to Jan de Man.

Kamp, Henry T. Travel account, 1904. 23 leaves, with translation. Almelo, Overijssel - Cleveland, Ohio.

Kamp, L. Letter, 1976. 1 item, photocopy. Dordrecht, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New York; L. Kamp to Jan De Man.

Kamps, Albert. Letter, 1875. 2 items, with translations. Westerbork, Drenthe - Grand Rapids, Michigan; Kamps to relatives and friends.

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Kamps, Jantje Vander Spoel. Letter, 1972-1976. 7 items, photocopies. Borger, Drenthe - Zeeland, Michigan; J. Kamps to K. Shoemaker .

Kaper, T. Venema. Letter, 1879. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Middelstum, Groningen - Pella, Iowa; T. Kaper to Douwe Douma.

Kapteijn (Kapteyn), C.P. Letters, 1931-1940. 20 items, photocopy, with translation. Zevenhuizen, Holland - Homewood, Illinois. Relatives and friends to C.P. Kapteyn.

Kas, Henderik Jans. Letter, 1853. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. La Crosse, Wisconsin - Franekeradeel, Friesland; H. J. Kas to relatives.

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Keables, Sara Scholte. Letter, 1873. 1 item, transcription, with translation. Pella, Iowa - Amsterdam, Noord Holland; S. Keables to Jansje Wormser Wustenhoff.

Kee, Cor. Letters, 1946-1947. 21 items, photocopies. Zaandam, Noord Holland - Hackensack, New Jersey; C. Kee to George C. Brinkerhoff.

Keegstra, K. Letter, 1888. 1 item, with translation. Oldehove, Groningen - Grand Rapids, Michigan; K. Keegstra to relatives.

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Keijser, Meis Eelman. Letters, 1902-1910.
4 items, photocopy with transcription and translation. Texel (DeWaal), Noord Holland - New Holland (Crisp), Michigan. M.E. Keijser to her brother Aris Jan Eelman.

Keizer, Tjeerd. Letters, 1912-1919. 11 items. St. Jacobiparochie, Friesland - Paterson, New Jersey; T. Keizer  to Rinsche Spoelhof.

Keizer, W. Letters, 1912-1919. 9 items. Oude Bildtdijk and St. Jacobiparochie, Friesland - Paterson, New  Jersey; W. Keizer to Rinsche Spoelhof.

Kelder, George H. Letters, 1953-1954. 2 items, photocopies. Los Angeles, California - Groningen, Groningen; G. H. Kelder to T.G. Hoekstra.

Kelley, John. Letters, 1936-1937. 2 items, with translations. Almelo, Overijssel - Cleveland, Ohio; J. Kelley to H. T. Kamp.

Kemink, John Rudolf. Letters, 1899. 2 items, with translations. Maurice, Iowa - the Netherlands; J. R. Kemink to relatives.

Kempenaar, Ingelien. Letters, 1936-1955. 23 items, photocopies. Den Haag, Zuid Holland - Pella, Iowa and Denver,  Colorado; I. Kempenaar to Cora Van Beynum Verploegh and Bertha Van Beynum Colsman.

Keppel, H. Letters,1865. 2 items, photocopies, with transcription and translation. Zeeland, Michigan - unknown; H. Keppel to friend.

Keyzer, Harry A. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy. Eersel, Brabant - Clifton, New Jersey; H. A. Keyzer to A. Tamboer.

Kiel, Jan D. Letters, 1933-1937. 4 items, photocopies, (English). Amsterdam, Noord Holland - Chicago, Illinois; J. D. Kiel to relatives.

Kieskamp, Herman. Letters, [1890-1895], 2 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Borculo, Michigan - Lochem, Gelderland; H. Kieskamp to relatives.

Kingma, Rika Prins. Letters, 1977-1979. 2 items, photocopies. Amersfoort, Utrecht - Hartley, Iowa; R. Kingma to Dick and Cora Prins.

Kisjes, H. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy Zuidwolde, Drenthe - Hawthorne, New York; H. Kisjes to Jan De Man.

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Klamer, Harmke Hoven. Letters, 1977-1978. 2 items. Oldekerk, Groningen - Lansing, Illinois; H. Klamer to P. R. Cook.

Klanderman, F. Letters, 1874-1875. 2 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. [Aalten], Gelderland - Baldwin, Wisconsin; F. Klanderman to Jan Willem Klanderman.

Klanderman, G.J. Letter, 1883. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Lintelo, Gelderland - Baldwin, Wisconsin; G. J. Klanderman to Jan Willem Klanderman.

Klanderman, J.H. Letter, 1902. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Winterswijk, Gelderland - Baldwin, Wisconsin; J. H. Klanderman to Jan Willem Klanderman.

Klein, G. Letter, 1913. 1 item, photocopy. Ermelo, Gelderland - Brandon, Wisconsin; G. Klein to H. Beekman.

Kleinheksel, John H. Letters, 1879-1881. 12 items, photocopies. West Europe - Overisel, Michigan; J.H. Kleinheksel to relatives.

Kleinwolterink, A.J. Letters, 1938-1946. 3 items, photocopies. Sanborn, Iowa - the Netherlands; A. J. Kleinwolterink to relatives.

Kleinwolterink, Gerrit. Letter fragments, 1936. 3 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Hartley, Iowa - the Netherlands; G. Kleinwolterink to relatives.

Kleinzoon, Anthonie. Letter, 1915. 1 item, photocopy. Roxboro, North Carolina - Vlissingen, Zeeland; Kleinzoon to Anthony Le Roy.

Klomparens, A. Bill of Passage, 1847. 1 item, photocopy. Also instructions from the ship company. Rotterdam, Zuid Holland - New York, New York.

Klooster, Zander. Recollections, 1820-1906. 297 leaves, photocopies, with translated summary. Donkerbroek, Friesland - Forest Grove and Atwood, Michigan.  Journal of Zander Jacobs Klooster, translation by Janet Sheeres, 2001

Klunder, Rhine A. Letters, 1927-1928. 3 items, photocopies. Grand Rapids, Michigan - 't Zandt, Groningen; R.A. Klunder to A. Pyper.

Knibbe, E. Letters, 1978. 7 items, photocopies. The Netherlands - Battle Creek, Michigan; Relatives and friends to E. Knibbe.

Knippels, Roelof. Letter, 1882. 1 item, photocopy with transcription and translation. Chicago, Illinois - Orange City, Iowa; R. Knippels to relatives.

Knops, Aad Tamboer. Letters, 1976-1980. 6 items. Dirksland, Zuid Holland - Clifton, New Jersey; A. Knops to Arie Tamboer.

Koenes, Anna Kooistra. Letter, 1946. 1 item. Groningen, Groningen - Michigan; A. Koenes to Jacob Hoeksema.

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Koenes, Jacob. Autobiography, 1907-1975. 20 leaves, photocopy, with translation. Grootegast, Groningen - Cascade,  Michigan.

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Kok, Frans. Letter, 1946. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Amsterdam, Noord Holland - Springfield, Illinois; F. Kok to Martin J. Cook.

Kok, Grace. Recollections, 1948-1975. 1 item. Netherlands - Jarvis, Ontario.

Kok, N. Letter, 1935. 1 item, photocopy. Harkstede, Groningen - Marion, Michigan; N. Kok to R.E. Lee.

Koke, Jan Johannes. Letter, 1866. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Vriesland, Michigan -  Groningen, Groningen; J.J. Koke to relatives.

Kolk, Jacob Jans. Letters, 1885-1888. 3 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Astoria, New York - Stuitzand, Drenthe; J.J. Kolk to Lucas Kolk.

Kolkman, Engbert. Letters, 1984. 2 items, photocopies. Ardrossan, Alberta - Grand Rapids, Michigan; E. Kolkman to A. Kuyvenhoven.

Kolvoord, Johannes. Letters, 1922. 2 items, photocopies, with translation. Augusta, Michigan - Holland, Michigan; J. Kolvoord to H.O. Van Eyck.

Komduur, Geessien. Letter, 1920. 1 item, photocopy. Vogel Center, Michigan - Emmen, Drenthe; G. Komduur to Willem Frieling.

Koning, Albert Herman. Letters, 1910. 3 items, photocopies, with translations. Holland, Michigan - Groningen, Groningen; A. H. Koning to relatives.

Koning, Johannes. Letters, 1900-1919. 20 items, photocopies. Galesburg, Iowa; Farmington, Montana - St. Annaparochie, Friesland; Groningen, Groningen; J. Koning to family.

Koning, Lammert. Letter, 1894. 1 item, photocopy. Westerwijtwert, Groningen - Grand Rapids, Michigan; L. Koning to Jan van der Laan.

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Koning, Martha de Jonge. Letters, 1946-1951. 4 items, photocopies. Chatham, Ontario - Veendam, Groningen; M. Koning to daughter Roelie.

Kooi, Antje. Letter, undated. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Roodeschool, Groningen - USA; A. Kooi to brother.

Kooi, Fred and Ida Sybesma. Letters, 1921. 2 items, photocopies, wih partial translation. Hawarden, Iowa; Denver, Colorado - Platte, South Dakota and [the Netherlands]; F. and I. Kooi to Sam Sybesma and other relatives.

Kooiman, Cornelis. Letters, 1909-1931. 12 items, transcriptions. Hawarden, Rock Valley, and Sioux Center, Iowa - Andijk, Noord Holland; C. Kooiman to relatives.

Kooiman, Geertje Swier. Letters, 1909-1931. 6 items, transcriptions. Hawarden, Iowa - Andijk, Noord Holland; G. Kooiman to relatives.

Kooiman, Trijntje. Letter, 1910. 1 item, transcription, with translation. Hawarden, Iowa - Andijk, Noord Holland; T. Kooiman to Anna De Vries.

Kooistra, Eelkje van der Meulen and Geert. Letters, 1917-[1935]. 7 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations Ocheydan, Iowa; Grand Rapids, Michigan - Wijnjeterp, Friesland; E. and G. Kooistra to Daniel van der Meulen.

Kooistra, T. Drenth. Letters, 1946-1947. 4 items, photocopies. Groningen, Groningen - Ellsworth, Michigan; T. Kooistra to Jacob Hoeksema.

Kool, Elizabeth. Letter, 1889. 1 item, transcribed copy with translation. Pella, Iowa - Hagestein, Utrecht; E. Kool to Hendrika Kool de Leeuw. Published in Pella Chronicle, July 6, 2000.

Koopman, H. Letters, 1888-1922. 15 items, photocopies, with translations Chicago, Illinois - Borger, Drenthe; H. Koopman to relatives.

Koops, Anna Kuiken. Interview, 1938. 1 item, photocopy. The Netherlands - Dispatch, Kansas; A. Koops to Maude Ewing. Published in The Downs News and Times, 1/13/1938. "An Old Pioneer Talks"

Koornstra, Jacob (Young). Letters, 1908-1909. 19 items, photocopies. Battle Mountain, Nevada - Rottum, Friesland; J. Koornstra and friends to Koornstra family.

Koppedraayer, Pieter and Gerie. Letters, 1888-1891. 6 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Ackley, Iowa - Andijk, Noord Holland; P. and G. Koppedraayer to Cees and Trijntje Groen van der Zande.

Korschot, J.W. Letter, 1874. 1 item, photocopy. Oostburg, Wisconsin - Kotten, Gelderland; J.W. Korschot to Te Selle family.

Kort, Theun and Riek Rustenburg. Letters, 1950-1956. 6 items, photocopies, with translations. Enkhuizen, Noord Holland; Den Haag, Zuid Holland - Escalon and Oakdale, California; T. and R. Kort to Jan de Visser.

Kortenhoeven, Cornelius. Letters, 1951-1956. 5 items, photocopies. Munster, Indiana - Doon, Iowa; C. Kortenhoeven to relatives.

Kortenhoeven-Feikema family. Letters, 1917-1959. 20 items, photocopies. The Netherlands - Doon, Iowa; Relatives to Kortenhoeven family.

Kortenhoeven, J. Letters, 1931-1934. 2 items, photocopies. Amsterdam, Noord Holland - Doon, Iowa; J. Kortenhoeven to relatives.

Kortenhoeven, Piet en Leentje. Letters, 1928-1960. 15 items, photocopies. Halfweg, Noord Holland - Doon, Iowa; L. and P. Kortenhoeven to C. Feikema.

Koskamp, D.J. Letters, 1872-1875. 2 items, photocopies. Oostburg, Wisconsin - IJzerlo, Gelderland; D.J. Koskamp to relatives.

Koster, Cornelis J. Travel account and letters, 1892-1899. 8 items, translations. Kalamazoo, Michigan - Wissekerke, Zeeland; C.J. Koster to Cornelius Schippers.

Koster, Jan Freekes. Letter, 1847. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Holland, Michigan - Ulrum, Groningen; J.F. Koster to J.J. Beukema and H.F. Koster. Published in Een Brief uit Holland in den Staat Michigan in Noord Amerika. Groningen, O.L. Schildkamp, 1847.

Kosters, Bob and Rena. Letters, 1971-1974. 5 items, photocopies. Monroe, Washington - Rijssen, Overijssel; B. and R. Kosters to relatives.

Kosters, Egbert John. Letter, [1960]. 1 item, photocopy. Sioux Center, Iowa - Rijssen, Overijssel; E.J. Kosters to Johan Koster.

Kosters, John and Lucille. Letters, 1985. 2 items, photocopies, with partial translation. Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Rijssen, Overijssel; J. and L. Kosters to J. Kosters.

Kraai, Albert. Letter, 1954. 1 item. Soest, Utrecht - Grand Rapids, Michigan; Klaas Kraai to A. Kraai.

Kraayenbrink, Hanny. Letters, 1986-1990. 4 items, photocopies. Port Lambton, Ontario - Bennekom, Gelderland; H. Kraayenbrink to A. Ubels.

Krabshuis, A. Letters, 1857-1859. 6 items, photocopies, with translations. Filmore, Michigan - Kalamazoo, Michigan; A. Krabshuis to Paulus Den Bleyker.

Kragt, Klaas and G.H. Letters, 1947. 3 items, photocopies. Groningen, Michigan - Nieuwleusen, Overijssel; K. and G.H. Kragt to relatives.

Kraker, Albert. Letter, 1876. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Kalamazoo, Michigan - Getelo, Bentheim, Germany; A. Kraker to relatives.

Kramer, Bouke S. and Okje A. Hornstra. Letters, 1883-1913. 14 items, photocopies. Grand Rapids, Michigan and Massachusets - Nijega, Friesland; B. S. and O.A. Kramer to Durk D. van der Wal.

Kramer, Klarina Bonge. Letter, [1947]. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. The Netherlands - Holland, Michigan; K. Kramer to Sue Baker.

Kranendonk, Maaike de Zeeuw. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy. 's Gravendeel, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New York; M. Kranendonk to Jan De Man.

Krap, S.T. Letters, 1847. 3 items, photocopies, with translations. Lafayette, Indiana - Het Bildt, Friesland; S.T. Krap to relatives. Published in Tiental brieven betrekkelijk de beis, aankomst en vestiging naar en in Noord Amerika van eenige landverhuizers vertrokken uit de grietenijen Het Bildt en Barradeel in Vriesland. Franeker, T. Telenga, 1848.

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Kreijkes, Jan Willem. Letters, 1889-1905. 28 items, photocopies, with translations. Hospers, Iowa - Rijssen, Overijssel; J.W. Kreijkes to relatives.

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Kreijkes, Lena Waanders. Letter, 1889. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Hospers, Iowa - the Netherlands; L. Kreijkes to sister.

Kroes, Henry P. Autobiography, 1865-1949. 16 leaves, photocopied translation. Ferwerd, JKreijkes3Friesland - Muskegon and Grand Haven, Michigan.

Krommendyk, Herman. Letter, 1956. 1 item. Nijverdal, Overijssel - Hull, Iowa; H. Krommendyk to Fred Krommendyk.

Kruijen, Adrianus. Letter, 1894. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Sappemeer, Groningen - Grand Haven, Michigan; A. Kruijen to C.J. Bos.

Kruijer, G. Letter, 1948. 1 item, photocopy. Zuidwolde, Groningen - Ellsworth, Michigan; G. Kruijer  to Jacob Hoeksema.

Kruissink, Albert. Travel account and Immigrant Tales, 1872. 67 leaves, photocopies, with translation. Deventer, Overijssel - Chicago, Illinois; A. Kruissink to de Bouwkundige Vereniging.

Kruithof Rotteveel Family. Letters, 1902-1940. 324 items in Dutch. [1] Cleveland, Ohio - Almelo, Overijssel. J. Kruithof family to Gerhard and Aaltje Kruithof Rotteveel family. [2] Drenthe, Michigan - Almelo, Overijssel. D. Van Dam family to Gerhard and Aaltje Kruithof Rotteveel family. [3] Grand Rapids, Michigan - Almelo, Overijssel. H. Borderwijk family to Gerhard and Aaltje Kruithof of Rotteveel family [with family information].

Krukken, Hermina. Travel account, 1911. 133 pages, photocopy. Arnhem, Gelderland - London, Ontario.

Kruller, T. Letter fragment, undated. 1 item, photocopy. IJsselmonde, Overijssel - Battle Creek, Michigan; T. Kruller to niece.

Kuijt, Anna. Letters, 1907-1918. 5 items, photocopies, with transciptions and translations. Chicago, Illinois - the Netherlands; A. Kuijt to G. and L. Kuijt.

Kuijt, Coen. Letters, 1898-1911. 6 items, photocopies. Pretoria, South Africa; Chicago, Illinois -Hilversum, Noord Holland; C. Kuijt to Christien, Gerrit, and Letta Retel Kuijt and Klaas Schindeler.

Kuik, Joke S. Pelger. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy. Zwanenburg, Zuid Holland - Muskegon, Michigan; J.S. Kuik to Hans Helling.

Kuiper, E.J. Letter, 1965. 1 item, photocopy. Apeldoorn, Gelderland - Grandville, Michigan; E.J. Kuiper to Henriette Buddingh.

Kuiper, Gelmer. Pamphlet, 1904. 1 item. Wildevank, Groningen - Grand Rapids, Michigan. Entitled, Thirty Days in Holland.

Kuiper, Jan W. Letter, 1965. 1 item, photocopy. Oosterbeek, Gelderland - Grandville, Michigan; J.W. Kuiper to Henriette Buddingh.

Kuiper, Janetje Jongewaard. Letters, 1856-1962. 5 items, with transcriptions and translations. Pella, Iowa - Amsterdam, Noord Holland; J. Kuiper to relatives.

Kuiper, Jitske J. Veltman. Letter, 1965. 1 item, photocopy. Twello, Gelderland - Grandville, Michigan; J.J. Kuiper to Henriette Buddingh.

Kuiper, Pieter. Letters, 1855. 2 items, with transcriptions and translations. Pella, Iowa - Hoorn, Noord Holland; P. Kuiper to Jan Knol.

Kuiper, Roelof T. Letters, 1870. 6 items, photocopies. Wildervank, Groningen - Grand Haven, Michigan; R.T. Kuiper to Jan Rubingh.

Kuipers, Albert. Letters and lectures, 1888,1897-1899. 4 items, photocopies, with partial translation. Platte, South Dakota -  Leeuwarden, Friesland; A. Kuipers to Pieter Bakker and others. The letters were published in het Nieuwsblad voor Friesland, 4/1/1888,  The lectures were published in American and Dutch newspapers, 1897-1899.

Kuipers, J. Letters, 1893-1894. 2 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Vijfhuizen, Noord Holland - Sterling, Colorado; J. Kuipers to G. N. Van 't Sant.

Kuipers, Sadie. Recollections, [1975]. 2 pages. Whitinsville, Mass.

Kuyers, Klaaske. Letters, 1934-1960. 9 items, photocopies. West Olive, Michigan - Uithuizermeeden, Groningen; K. Kuyers to H. Zijlstra.

Kuyper, Frederik. Letter, 1928. 1 item, Hilversum, Noord Holland - Grand Rapids, Michigan; F. Kuyper to Marguerite K. Haan.

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