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Immigrant Letters


Laarman, Hendrik. Letter, 1850. 1 item, photocopied. Linde, Overijssel - Overisel, Michigan; H. Laarman to  the Rutgers family.

Lahuis, Kasper. Letter, 1902. 1 item. Zeeland, Michigan - Grand Rapids, Michigan; K. Lahuis to F. ten Hoor.

Lakeman, Cornelis. Letter, 1847. 1 item, with partial transcription. Pella, Iowa - the Netherlands; C. Lakeman to relatives.

Lambers, Siep and Suzy. Letters, 1950-1953. 2 items, photocopies. Ardrie, Alberta - Veendam, Groningen; S. and S. Lambers to relatives.

Lambers Heerspink, Toos. Letters, 1947-1948. 3 items, photocopies. Vroomshoop, Overijssel - Pella, Iowa; T. Lambers Heerspink to Bertha Van't Sant.

Lambrecht, Olympe L.J. Letters, 1844-1880, Ferry Schedule, 1844 62 items, photocopies. Groningen, Rotterdam, Oosterbeck, Hellevoetsluis Gouda - Middelburg. Relatives and friends to O.L.J. Lambrecht.

Lambregtse, A. Letters, 1949-1953. 14 items, photocopies. Rilland, Zeeland - Byron Center, Michigan; Parents and relatives to A. Lambregtse.

Lambregtse, K.J. Letters, 1949-1952. 4 items, photocopies. Marknesse, Flevoland - Byron Center, Michigan; K.J. Lambregtse to A. Lambregtse.

Lambregtse, Marien. Letter, 1953. 1 item, photocopy. Emmeloord, Flevoland - Byron Center, Michigan; M. Lambregtse to A. Lambregtse.

Lampert, A. Letters, 1979. 3 items. Dirksland, Zuid Holland - USA; A. Lampert to relatives.

Langereis, Lucy. Letter, 1895. 1 item, photocopy. Kralingen, Zuid Holland - Beaverdam, Michigan; L. Langereis to SUSAn D. Langereis Scheele.

Lankester, Peter. Letters, 1850-1867. 9 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Veere, Zeeland; P. Lankester to J.M. Kuiler.




Lanning, Hinderik. Letter, 1847. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Holland, Michigan - Sleen, Drenthe; H. Lanning to Remmelt Lanning.

Lanning, Hinderik. Letter, 1860. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Drenthe, Michigan - Aalden, Drenthe; H. Lanning to Hinderikus Lanning.

Larson, Leslie S. Letter, 1951. 1 item. Schweighausen, Germany - Downers Grove, Illinois; W.K. Jung to  L.S. Larson.

Last, J. Letters,1941. 2 items, photocopies. Soerabaia, Indonesia - [Grand Haven, Michigan]; J. Last to relatives.

Lautenbach, Jan and Antje Herrema. Letters, 1882-1826. 9 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and partial translation. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Tzummarum, Friesland; J. and A. Lautenbach to Sijds Lautenbach.

Lebbe, Cornelius Johannes. Letters and Poem, 1938-1957. 237 items, photocopies. Den Helder, Noord Holland - Grand Haven, Michigan; C.J. Lebbe to Nell Lebbe Schornagel Lehman.

Leegstra, Johannes. Letter, 1925. 1 item, with translation. Dokkum, Friesland - Hudsonville, Michigan; J. Leegstra to Douwe Leegstra.

Leenhouts, Pieter. Letter, 1848. 1 item, translation. Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Schoondijke, Zeeland; P. Leenhouts to family.

Leep, Andrew K. Recollections, 1893-1958. 13 leaves, photocopies. St. Anna Parochie, Friesland - Chicago, Illinois.

Leep, Harry and Edith Alberda. Recollections, 1902-1977. 26 leaves. Chicago, Illinois - Manhattan, Montana.

Lehman, Nell Lebbe Schornagel and Ton Schornagle and Louis Lehman. Letters and documents, 1941-1970. 32 items, photocopies. Grand Haven, Michigan - the Netherlands and Noord Holland; Zuid Holland; Toronto, Ontario - Grand Haven, Michigan; N. Lehman and husbands to relatives and vice versa.

Leijnse, B. Letter, 1946. 1 item, photocopy. Middelburg, Zeeland - USA; B. Leijnse to relatives.

Lemmen, Gerrit and Kaatje. Document, 1877. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription. Allegan, Michigan; Agreement between G. and K. Lemmen and Hendrik Ten Brink.

Lemmes, J. Letter, 1917. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription. Zeeland, Michigan - Yerseke, Zeeland; J. Lemmes to friend.

Levenkamp, John A. Letters, 1909. 2 items, photocopies and microfilm, with transcriptions and translations.Sioux Center, Iowa - Borculo, Michigan; J.A. Levenkamp to H. Harm Avink.

Levenkamp, John H. Letters, 1891-1903. 10 items, photocopies and microfilm, with transcriptions and translations. Sioux Center, Iowa - Barchem, Gelderland; J.H. Levenkamp to W. Bouwmeester.

Levenkamp, Teunis. Letters, 1897-1903. 3 items, photocopies and microfilm, with transcriptions and translations. Sioux Center, Iowa - Barchem, Gelderland; T. Levenkamp to  Bouwmeester.

Lie, Mado. Letters, 1979-1980. 5 items, photocopies. De Haag, Zuid Holland - Grosse Point, Michigan; Relatives to M. Lie.

Ligterink, W. (donor). 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Chicago, Illinois - Aalten, Gelderland; Unknown to relatives. Published in De Graafschaps Bode, 10/24/1970.

Lingbeek, H. Letter, 1913. 1 item, photocopy. Inwood, Ontario - Veendam, Groningen; H. Lingbeek to family.

Lion, Jan and Alida Westerhof. Letters, 1912-1951. 4 items, photocopies. Holland, Michigan - Garnwerd, Groningen; J. and A.  Lion to relatives.

Lohuis, Roelof and Johanna. Letters, 1869-1901. 4 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Lime Springs, Iowa - the Netherlands; R. and J. Lohuis to relatives.

Loman, Hendrik. Letter, 1869. 1 item, photocopied translation. Groningen, Michigan - the Netherlands; H. Loman to friends.

Lootsma, Geertje Armour. Letter, 1945. 8 leaves. Terneuzen, Zeeland - Hoboken, New Jersey.

Louis. Letter, 1945. 1 item, photocopy. Winterswijk, Gelderland - USA; Louis to sister.

Louwenaar, W.J. Letter, 1947. 1 item. St. Jacobiparochie - Paterson, New Jersey; W.J. Louwenaar to Rinsche Spoelhof.

Lubbers, Marge. Letters, 1946-1947. 2 items, photocopies. Chicago, Illinois - Groningen, Groningen; M. Lubbers to Theo G. Hoekstra.

Lubbers, Nellie. Letters, 1939. 3 items. Holland, Michigan - Ripon, California; N. Lubbers to Alice Nykamp (Mrs. John W.).

Lucasse, William J. Letter, 1885. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Kalamazoo, Michigan - the Netherlands; W.J. Lucasse to relatives.

Luidens, Jacob. Letter, 1905.
1 item, photocopy with transcription and translation. Grand Rapids, Michigan to DenHelder, Noord Holland. J. Luidens to Jan Alberts Bakker.

Luinenga, Engberd. Letters, 1881-1884. 3 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Grand Haven, Michigan - Groningen, Groningen; E. Luinenga to relatives.

Lummen, Marinus. Recollections, 1881-1884. 131 leaves, with transcription. The Netherlands - Fremont, Michigan.

Luteyn, Isaak Adriaan Letters, 1953-1955. 1 folder, letter and documents. Nanton, Alberta, Canada - IJzerdijk, Zeeland, The Netherlands. Isaak Luteyn to family.

Luurtsma, K. Letter, 1877. 1 item, with transcription and translation. Chicago, Illinois - Spijk, Groningen; K. Luurtsema to friends.

Lycklama a Nijeholt, Jelle (James) and Wimkje (Wilma) Boonstra. 2 vols. of letters, 1948-1958. Photocopies of two volumes of excerpted letters with translations. Camlachie, Wyoming, Embro, Burlington, Ontario - Blija, Friesland; Jelle and Wim Lycklma a Nijeholt to Wiepke Lycklama a Nijeholt and Renske Algera.

Lyklema, Syirk (Chas). Letters, 1914-1922. 6 items, photocopies. Maywood, Illinois - Oudega and Nijland, Friesland; S. Lyklema to Johannes Lyklema.

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