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Immigrant Letters


Maas, J.H.W. and H.J. Letters, 1878-1926. 2 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Cincinnati, Ohio  - Kotten and Winterswijk, Gelderland; J.H.W. and H.J. Maas to J.D. Vardink and J.W. Tennink.

MacPherson, J.H. Letter, 1934. 1 item, photocopy. Heemstede, Noord Holland - Den Helder, Noord Holland; J.H. MacPherson to C. Lebbe.

Madru, Ethel Velders. Letter, 1946. 1 item, photocopy (English). New York, New York - unknown; E. Madru to relative.

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Maigret, J. Letter, 1872. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Utrecht, Utrecht - Williamson, New York; J. Maigret to Maryn Van der Boegh.

Mantel, Jan. Letters, 1901-1931. 5 items, photocopies. Fresno, California - Andijk, Noord Holland; J. Mantel to relatives.

Mantingh, Jantien. Letter, 1881. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Holland, Michigan - the Netherlands; J. Mantingh to relatives.

Marsilje, Isaac. Recollections, 1846-1865. 17 leaves. Groede, Zeeland - Holland, Michigan.

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Mast, Jan. Letter, 1885. 1 item, photocopy. Zeeland, the Netherlands - unknown; J. Mast to relatives and friends.

Maurits, Arie and Trijnie. Letter, 1979. 1 item, photocopy. Oud Beyerland, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New York; A. and T. Maurits to Jan De Man.

Mazereeuw, Nellie. Letters, 1913-1915. 3 items, photocopies. Grand Rapids, Michigan - the Netherlands; N. Mazereeuw to friends.

Medema, Geert J. Letter, 1886. 1 item, photocopy. Creston, Iowa - Giekerk, Friesland; G.J. Medema to uncle.

Medendorp, J. van der Veen. Recollections, 1987. Entitled "My Trip to America in 1920," 4 leaves, with translation. Haren, Groningen - USA

Meekhof, Mijne and Willemiene. Letters, 1915-1938. 6 items, photocopies. Lucas, Michigan - Havelte, Drenthe; M. and W. Meekhof to relatives.

Meer, Ysbrand. Recollections, 1910. 1 leaf, translated photocopy. The Netherlands - Chicago, Illinois.

Meijer, G.H. Letter, 1848. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Pella, Iowa - Bloomington, Indiana; G. H. Meijer to Hendrik van Asselt.

Meijer, J. Travel account, 1949. 13 leaves, photocopy. Groningen, Groningen - London, Ontario.

Meindersma, Geziena. Recollections, 1914-1982. 34 leaves, transcribed photocopies, with translations. Entitled, "The Story of Durk and Geziena Meindersma". Beetsterzwaag, Friesland - Lacombe, Alberta.

Meinen, G.J. Letters, 1887-1898. 4 items, photocopies. Lintelo, Gelderland - Oostburg, Wisconsin; G.J. Meinen to Jan Willem Klanderman.

Meisner, Albert. Letter, 1856. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Plainfield, New Jersey - the Netherlands; A. Meisner to relatives.

Mellema, Adriaantje Boonstra. Letters, 1929-1947. 3 items, photocopies. East Palmyra, New York - St. Annaparochie, Friesland; A. Mellema to Aaltje Hoitsma Boonstra.

Mellema, Jacob Pieters. Travel account and business records,1889-1915. 67 leaves, photocopies. St. Annaparochie, Friesland - Rochester, New York.

Mensenk, M. Letter, 1846. 1 item, transcription, with translation. Albany, New York - the Netherlands; M. Mensenk to friends.

Mensink, Herman. Letter, 1955. 1 item, photocopy. Diamond, Missouri - Dalfsen, Overijssel; H. Mensink to  G.H. Neuteboom.

Mensonides, Ruth Oost. Letters, 1914-1955. 3 items. Akkrum, Friesland - Alden and Woodstock, Illinois; Friends to R. Mensonides.

Merizon, Wilhelmina. Letters, 1889-1907. 4 items, photocopies, with translations. Colijnsplaat, Zeeland - Kalamazoo, Michigan; W. Merizon to relatives.

Meulink, Berend and Lubbigje Schaapman. Letters, 1916-1962. 47 items, photocopies. Ripon, California - Hasselt, Overijssel; B. and L. Meulink to relatives.

Meyer, G.H. Letter, 1848. 1 item, translated photocopy. Pella, Iowa - the Netherlands; G.H. Meyer to H. Van Asselt.

Meyer, Hans. Letters, 1871-1880. 11 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Holland, Michigan - Leens, Groningen; H. Meyer to H. and A. Riesma.

Meyer, Steven. Letter, 1890. 1 item, photocopy. Grand Haven, Michigan - the Netherlands; S. Meyer to relatives.

Meyers, H. Letters, 1888-1890. 4 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Keokuk, Iowa - Leens, Groningen; H. Meyers to relatives.

Michell, J. Else. Letters, 1979. 3 items, photocopies, with one translation. Amsterdam, Noord Holland - Chicago, Illinois; J.E. Michell to A. Leenstra.

Michmershuizen, Hendrik Grypmoet. Recollections and cemetery records, 1840-1890. 3 leaves, photocopies. Overisel, Michigan.

Middag, Barend and Geertruida van Doorne. Letters, 1862-1878. 3 items, photocopies, with translations. Culemborg, Gelderland - Grand Haven, Michigan; B. Middag to parents and Martinus Van Doorne.

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Miedema, Benjamin and Mulder, Froukje. Letter fragments, 1851-1886. 6 leaves, photocopy. Friesland - Wisconsin. B. Miedema, F. Mulder to Y.K. Tamminga and other relatives.

Miedema, F.J. Letter, undated. 1 item, photocopy. The Netherlands - [Pella, Iowa]; F.J. Miedema to sister  and brother-in-law.

Miedema, Wybe and Ann. Letters, 1951-1956. 57 items, with a 1 volume translation, The Miedema Letters. Manitoba and Ontario, Canada - Hallumeer Hoek, the Netherlands.

Mierop, C. Letter, 1931. 1 item. Rehoboth, New Mexico - Grand Rapids, Michigan; C. Mierop to Jan Jansma.

Minnema, Frank and Renske. Letters, 1920-1945. 42 items, photocopies. Randolph, Wisconsin - Midwolda, Friesland; F. and R. Minnema to relatives.

Mol, Joseph. Letter, 1905. 1 item, photocopy. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Rilland, Zeeland; J. Mol to Abraham Mol.

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Molenaar, Jacoba Akkerman. Letters, 1878-1884. 6 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Roseland, Illinois - Heer Hugowaard, Noord Holland; J.A. Molenaar to K. Leegwater family.

Molendijk, Helena Meijboom. Letters, 1946. 5 items, photocopies, with translations. Pernis, Zuid Holland - Holland, Michigan; H.M. Molendijk to relatives.

Monnee, Cornelis and Jacoba Cornelia van der Veeke. Letters, 1847-1873. 18 items, photocopies with transcriptions and translations. New York, New York - Zierikzee, Zeeland; C. and J.C. Monnee to Dingenes van der Veeke.

Monshouwer, A. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Tzum, Friesland - Hawthorne, New York; A. Monshouwer to Jan de Man.

Monshouwer, Gert. Letter, 1979. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Nieuwendijk, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New York; G. Monshouwer to Jan de Man.

Monster, C. Letter, 1978. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Ambacht, Zuid Holland - Hawthorne, New York; C. Monster to Jan De Man.

Moolenstee, Cornelis. Letter, 1837. 1 item, photocopy, with translation Prairie Village, Wisconsin - Portsmouth, Ohio; C. Moolenstee to John C. Molster.

More, G.B. Letter, 1943. 1 item, photocopy. Grand Haven, Michigan - Grand Haven, Michigan; G.B. More to Teunis (Ton) Schornagel.

Muderman, Hendrik. Letters, 1966-1968. 15 letters. 's-Gravenage, Zuid Holland - Grand Rapids, Michigan. B. van Aaldrenen to Hendrik Mulderman.

Muijrs, M. Letter, 1882. 1 item, photocopy. Pocahontas, Arkansas - Nieuwstadt, Limburg; M. Muijrs to relatives.

Mulder, Anje Nieveen. Letters, 1883-1891. 3 items, photocopies. Denton, Texas; East Orange, Iowa; Stuttgard, Kansas - the Netherlands; A. Mulder to S. Smit and relatives.

Mulder, Charles. Letters, 1987-1988. 4 items, photocopies. Holland, Michigan - Staphorst, Overijssel; C. Mulder  to A. J. van Spijker.

Mulder, Hendrik. Letters, 1910-1911. 3 items, photocopies, with translations. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Lemmer, Friesland; H. Mulder to P. de Rook.

Mulder, J.B. Letter, 1918. 1 item, photocopy. Holland, Michigan - Ellsworth, Michigan; J.B. Mulder to John Rubingh.

Mulder, James. Telegram, 1896. 1 item, photocopy. Muskegon, Michigan - Amsterdam, Noord Holland; J. Mulder to Abraham Kuyper.

Mulder, Niske. Letter, 1923. 1 item, photocopy. Adrian, Minnesota - Menaldum, Friesland; N. Mulder to J. Postema.

Mulder, P. Letters, 1914-1915. 2 items, with transcriptions and translations. Uitwellingerga, Friesland - USA; P. Mulder to relatives.

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