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Immigrant Letters


Taay, Jan. Letters, 1946-1947. 2 items. Noordbroek, Groningen - Manton, Michigan; J. Taay to W.M. Hilbrands.

Taffijn, C. Letters, 1947-1948.4 items, photocopies. Den Haag, Zuid Holland - Holland, Michigan; C.J. Taffijn to P. Van Tuinen.

Talen, Jacob. Letters, 1883-1886. 3 items, transcriptions. New Holland, Michigan - Staphorst, Overijssel; J. Talen to friends.

Tamboer, Arie. Letters, 1950-1980. 27 items. Zuid Holland and Noord Holland - Clifton, New Jersey; Relatives to A. Tamboer.

Tamboer, L. Letter, 1979. 1 item, Alblasserdam, Zuid Holland - Clifton, New Jersey; L. Tamboer to A. Tamboer.

Tamboer, Steven. Letter, 1926. 1 item, Wellington, Ontario - Dirksland, Zuid Holland; S. Tamboer to A. Tamboer.

Tanis, Evert. Letters, 1932-1934. 7 items. Hudsonville, Michigan - Ripon, California; E. Tanis to Alice Nykamp (Mrs. John W.).

Te Baerts, Julia and Jan. Letters, 1957-1981. 38 items, photocopies. Vancouver Island, British Columbia - Knoxville, Tennessee; J. and J. te Baerts to A. Benning.

Teerink, Johannes Hendrikus. Letters, 1887-1889

4 items, with translation. Amsterdam, SS Leerdam, Le Mars, Iowa - Zutphen, Netherlands; J.H. Teerink to father and sisters

Teitsma, D. Letter, 1914. 1 item, Stiens, Friesland - Paterson, New Jersey; D. Teitsma to F. de Haan.

Te Kolste, H. and G.H. Doornink. Letters, 1858. 2 items, photocopies. Town Holland, Wisconsin - the Netherlands; H. and G.H. te Kolste to J.H. Doornink.

Te Kolste, Hendrik. Letter, 1904. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Firth, Nebraska - the Netherlands; H. te Kolste to relatives.

Temminck, J.A. Letters, 1898-1899. 3 items, photocopies. Tuil, Gelderland - Grand Haven, Michigan; J.A. Temminck to Arie de Bruin, Mrs. Martines and E. Joh. van Doorne.

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Ten Cate, J.H. Letter, 1876. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Graafschap, Michigan - Orange City, Iowa; J.H. ten Cate to children.

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Ten Clay, Minnie Renskers (Mrs. Henry). Recollections, 1857-1969. 83  pages, transcription, (English). Waukesha Co., Wisconsin - Sheldon, Iowa; "History of the Christiaan Renskers Family".

Ten Hoeve, E. Letter, 1920. 1 item, with translation. Burgwerd, Friesland - Prairie View, Kansas; E. ten Hoeve to H. Guichelaar.

Ten Hoor, M.J. Letters, 1905-1937. 39 items, photocopies. Various places, Groningen - Holland, Michigan; Relatives to M.J. ten Hoor.

Ten Hove, H. John. Letters, 1974. 3 items. Black Falls, Alberta - USA; H.J. Ten Hove to Gordon Oosterman.

Ten Kate, Aaltje. Letters, 1919-1927. 15 items, with translations. Kampen, Overijssel - Grand Rapids, Michigan; A. ten Kate to Jan and Di Jansma.

Te Paske, Anthony. Letter, 1910. 1 item, photocopy. Sioux Center, Iowa - Aalten, Gelderland; A. te Paske to J.B. te Paske.

Terborg, Jan. Letters, 1900. 2 items, photocopies. Groningen, Groningen - Roseland, Illinois; J. Terborg to relatives.

Te Selle, Derk Willem. Letters, 1873-1882. 2 items, photocopies, with translations. Kotten/Winterswijk, Gelderland - USA; Rotterdam, Zuid Holland - Winterswijk, Gelderland; D.W. Te Selle to C. Grutters; K.L.E. van Heerde to D.W. te Selle.

Te Selle, Gerrit Jan. Letters, 1873-1906. 12 letters, photocopies, with translations. Firth, Panama, and Holland, Nebraska - Winterswijk, Gelderland; G.J. Te Selle to Derk William te Selle and other relatives.

Te Selle, Harmen Jan. Letters, 1865-1888. 21  items, transcriptions, with transcriptions. Holland, Wisconsin; Firth, Nebraska - Winterswijk and Kotten, Gelderland; H.J. Te Selle to relatives.

Te Selle, Jan Hendrik. Letters, 1868-1895. 4 items, photocopies, with translations. Holland, Nebraska - Kotten, Harderwijk, and Winterswijk, Gelderland; J.H. Te Selle to relatives.

't Hart, Arie and Cornelia de Ruiter. Letters, 1892-1906. 5 items, photocopies. Grand Rapids, Michigan - Pernis, Zuid Holland; and C. 't Hart to Jan 't Hart.

Thiele, Wilhelm. Letter, 1889. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Pocahontas, Arkansas - the Netherlands; W. Thiele to relatives.

Tholens, A. Letter, 1888. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Tiel, Gelderland - [Pella, Iowa]; A. Tholens to J. Schippers.

Thym, Frans. Letters, 1878-1880. 26 items, photocopies. New York, New York - the Netherlands; F. Thym to relatives.

Tiesenga, A. Letter, 1906. 1 item, photocopy. Appelscha, Friesland - Hudsonville, Michigan; A. L. Tiesenga to Pieter Karsten.

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Tigelaar, Jacob. Letter, 1891. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Forest Grove, Michigan - Appelscha, Friesland; J. Tigelaar to Jan Stevens Tigelaar.

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Tijmes, Roelof and Hendrikje. Letters, 1900. 2 items. Graafschap, Michigan - the Netherlands; R. and H. Tijmes to relatives.

Tillema, Erik. Letter, 1979. 1 item, photocopy. Sappemeer, Groningen - Lynden, Washington; E. Tillema to Clarence van Dijken (Klaas van Dyken).

Tilma, Antje. Letters, 1956-1960. 7 items, photocopies. Onderdendam, Groningen - Momence, Illinois and Richland, Missouri; A. Tilma to Pierre Tilma and Grie.

Tilma, E. Letters, 1957-1960. 8 items, photocopies. Winsum and Bedum, Groningen; Arnemuiden, Zeeland - St. Anne, Illinois; Harm and Yt Poelman to E. Tilma.

Tilma, Jens and Tine. Letters, 1956-1961. 9 items, photocopies, with transcriptions and translations. Spijk and Loppersum, Groningen - St. Anne, Illinois; J. and T. Tilma to E. Tilma.

Tilma, M. Letter, 1956. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Onderdendam, Groningen - Richland, Missouri; M. Tilma to E[elke] Tilma.

Tilma, P. Letters, 1956-1959. 10 items, photocopies. Onderdendam, Groningen - Richland, Missouri; Momence, Illinois; P. Tilma to E. Tilma.

Tilma, Scott (donor). Letters, 1949-1960. 10 items, photocopies. Groningen, Groningen - St. Anne, Illinois; Relatives to Jan and Dri, Eelke and Jantje Tilma.

Tilma, Siebe and Akke. Letters, 1961. 4 items, photocopies. Kootstertille, Friesland - Richland, Missouri; S. and A. Tilma to E. Tilma.

Tilma, Sjoerd and Peggy. Letters, 1956-1958. 5 items, photocopies. Fort Victoria, Rhodesia - Momence, Illinois; S. and P. Tilma to E. Tilma.

Tilma, Wiets. Letters, 1959-1961. 9 items, photocopies. Onderdendam, Groningen - St. Anne, Illinois; W. Tilma to Eelke Tilma.

Timmer, Jan, Jr. Letter, [1890]. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Zeeland, Michigan - Beilen, Drenthe; J. Timmer to relatives.

Timmer, John M. Letters, 1932-1933. 2 items. Hamilton and Moline, Michigan - Ripon, California; J.M. Timmer to Alice Nykamp (Mrs. John W.).

Timmer, Klass. Travel account and letters, 1880-1881. 3 items, transcriptions, with translations. Orange City, Iowa - Aalden, Drenthe; K. Timmer to relatives and friends.

Timmer, L. Letter, 1888. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Lake City, Michigan - Oosterwijtwerd, Groningen; L. Timmer to Siewke Smit.

Timmerman, Roelof. Letters, 1849-1945. 32 items, photocopy. Michigan (New Holland, Holland, Black River, Olive Centre, North Holland, Zeeland, Drenthe, Borculo Noordeloos) - Staphorst, Overjissel. R. Timmerman and others to friends and relatives.

Timmerman, Sarel. Letter, 1884. 1 item, Grand Rapids, Michigan - Yerseke, Zeeland; S. Timmerman to D. Schipper.

Tinkham, John F. Letter, 1872. 1 item, photocopy, (English). Grand Rapids, Michigan - Holland, Michigan; J.F. Tinkham to K. Schaddelee, Esq.

Tobi, L. Letter, 1882. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription. Tholen, Zeeland - USA; L. Tobi to Ben Schipper.

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Toering, Harmen Fokkes and Johanna Klases Knol. Letters, 1881-1932. 12 items, photocopies, with translations. Mc Cool, Indiana; Hinckley, Minnesota - Luinjeberd, Friesland; H.F. and J. Toering to relatives.

Tolkamp, Annie E. Pieterman. Letter, 1979. 1 item, photocopy. Aalten, Gelderland - Hawthorne, New York; A. E. Tolkamp to Sue and Jan de Man, Sr.

Tolsma, S.C. (and J.S. de Jong-scribe). Letters, 1900-1911. 4 items, photocopies. Leeuwarden and Hallum, Friesland - USA; S.C. Tolsma to relatives and friends.

Tonnis, Albert. Letters, 1924-1926. 4 items, photocopies. Rivera, California - Eext, Drenthe; A. Tonnis to H. Rutgers.

Trap, Jan. Letters, 1952-1973. 2 items, photocopies. Oosterend, Texel, Noord Holland - Los Angeles and Escalon, California; J. Trap to J. de Visser and S. Tilma.

Triezenberg, Herman. Letter, 1918. 1 item, photocopy. Chicago, Illinois - Opwierde, Groningen; H. Triezenberg to Jan Smit.

Tromp, Geertje Bandringa. Letter, 1884. 1 item, photocopy, with translation. Chicago, Illinois - Pieterburen, Groningen; G. Tromp to Klaas Jansen.

Tromp, M.H. Letter, 1878. 1 item, photocopy, with transcription and translation. Woudsend, Friesland - Grand Rapids, Michigan; M.H. Tromp to D. Bloksma.

Tuokkola, Jouko. Letters, 1987-1989. 4 items, photocopies. Loretto, Ontario - Cuyk, Noord Brabant; J. Tuokkola to H. Werten Diels.

Turkenburg, Wim and Trudy. Letters, 1951-1959. 19 items, photocopies. Madison, Wisconsin; Grand Rapids, Michigan - Boskoop, Zuid Holland; W. and T. Turkenburg to Piet de Man.

Tuttle, Ethel and Charles. Letter, 1971. 1 item, photocopy. Fairport, New York - Cadzand, Zeeland; E. and C. Tuttle to W.J. Robijn.

Tysseling, Mina. Letter, 1888. 1 item, photocopy. Pella, Iowa - Schoonebeek, Drenthe; M. Tysseling to relatives.

Tysseling, Willem and Hermina Overbergen. Letters, 1914-1919. 7 items, photocopies. Elkton, Minnesota - Amsterdam, Noord Holland; W. and H. Tysseling to R.A. van Holthoorn.

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