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Microfilm Collections

Title Location
Acta Sanctorum 2nd Floor
American Popular Culture - Popular Periodicals 2nd Floor
The Anabaptist, Mennonite and Spiritualist Reformation 4th Floor / Meeter Center
ATLA Microfiche Collection 2nd Floor
Business and Financial Papers, 1780-1939 2nd Floor
China Through Western Eyes 2nd Floor
Church Missionary Society Archive, Section 1: East Asia Missions 2nd Floor
Colonial-Period Korea 2nd Floor
Despatches from United States Consuls (Mexico) 2nd Floor
Dutch Pamphlets 1486-1648 (Knuttel Collection) 4th Floor / Meeter Center
Early American Imprints -- Evans (1639-1800) 2nd Floor
Early American Imprints -- Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819) 2nd Floor
Early English Books (1475-1640) 2nd Floor
Early Printed Bibles 4th Floor / Meeter Center
ERIC documents 2nd Floor
French Protestant Church Archives 4th Floor / Meeter Center
Guy de Brès 4th Floor / Meeter Center
History of the Canadian Northwest 2nd Floor
History of the Pacific Northwest 2nd Floor
Japan and America 2nd Floor
Japan through Western Eyes 2nd Floor
Latin American History and Culture (Mexico Collection) 2nd Floor
Library of American Civilization 2nd Floor
Library of English Literature 2nd Floor
Library of Thomas Jefferson 2nd Floor
Lutheran Reformation Sources 4th Floor / Meeter Center
Manuscripta (Vatican Collection) 2nd Floor
Plains and the Rockies 2nd Floor
Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, 1833-1833. Korea 2nd Floor
Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of Turkey, 1910-1929 2nd Floor
The Reformation in Heidelberg 4th Floor / Meeter Center
Reformed Protestantism 4th Floor / Meeter Center
Sixteenth Century Authors 4th Floor / Meeter Center
Travels in the West and Southwest 2nd Floor
Western Americana 2nd Floor
Woman's Work for Woman 2nd Floor
Works by and about Huldrych Zwingli 4th Floor / Meeter Center
The Works of John Calvin 4th Floor / Meeter Center

Paper indexes are available by the collections to provide access to many of the Microform collections.

For help with any of the collections, either locating specific documents or copying, please consult the reference librarian who is on duty, or Kathy DeMey.