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Sound & Food Policy

The library is a unique community space that satisfies many needs. You and your peers use it for reading, for research, as a refuge, as a social gathering spot, and as a collaborative learning space. We all need to ensure that the library is a hospitable place for everyone. Thanks for doing your part!

Sound Levels: Signs located on nearly every table and carrel indicate the appropriate level of conversation in that study zone. The library is zoned for different study needs. “Group” zones are designed for collaborative study that involve a reasonable amount of conversation and “Lounge” zones are available for quiet socializing. See Study Zones for more details.

Food: Certain foods may be eaten on 2nd floor, but not near the computers. Please be aware of how the presence of food impacts the library, those around you, and the individuals that maintain our facilities. Excessive trash or untidiness impacts others.

Beverage Containers: Calvin CUPPS mugs and similar lidded containers may be used on all floors. When in doubt, don’t bring it to the library!