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Reserves Policy

Interm and Spring Semester 2021

Update: Hekman Library will offer physical reserves for spring semester.

Please use this form to place your requests.  Reserves loan times will be the same as usual with the options for 2 hour, 3 hour, 1 day, 3 day, and 1 week.  There will be three changes, however:

  • No rush reserves.  Please allow 2 to 3 days for processing before available for students.
  • Reserves will not be browsable.  Students will need to ask for the books by title and course, then Circ Staff will retrieve them.
  • All material will have a 24 hour quarantine upon return.


If physical reserves will still not work for your course, please note:

  • Where possible, Hekman will support the acquisition of online copies, and/or digitization of course reserve materials. Librarians will work with faculty and help to identify and digitize those portions of printed or visual works that serve current pedagogical needs. For complete works, the library will attempt to provide access to digital versions when such access is feasible and allowable under copyright law, but note that based on publisher practices, we cannot assure the faculty that this will always be permissible.
  • You may submit requests for digitization of course reserve materials through our new electronic reserve request form. For those materials not currently available in digital form to libraries, requests for the digitization of portions of printed or visual materials should be made through the electronic reserve request form. Since digitizing multiple works for multiple faculty will take time, the library encourages faculty to submit requests as soon as possible for the fall semester, providing as much information as possible, particularly when the assignment is due. Please note that the digitization of entire works for the purpose of course reserves is generally not possible due to copyright restrictions.
  • Your liaison librarian can help you explore alternative resources for your courses. We understand that resourcing accessible materials for your courses in this hybrid learning environment, as well as navigating copyright requirements for these resources, is a challenge, and we liaison librarians are prepared to help you consider what resources you can use and how. For example, electronic textbooks are not often not available for libraries to purchase, but we can help you explore Open Educational Resources (OERs) to serve your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help and questions about supporting your course materials this semester.