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Study Areas in the Library

Study areas have been divided into four study zones to accommodate your needs. You'll find maps on stairwell doors and the zone is identified on carrels and tables.

  • The Quiet Zone is for students who want absolute quiet. When you're in this area, please don't talk and turn off your cell phone. Feel free to confront people who don't belong in this area. Or, rat them out to the librarian at the Research Assistance Desk on 2nd floor. Librarians like to shush people, you know. If this area is too tomb-like for you, then find a seat in a Community zone.
  • The Community Zone is for students who still want a serious studying environment but who are willing to put up with brief and minor distractions. In fact, the "white noise" of quiet conversations is what some people seek. Set your cell phone to vibrate and take your calls in a stairwell or deep in the book stacks.
  • The Lounge Zone is for light reading and sustained (but quiet) conversations. Distractions are to be expected. Remember that some lounge zones are close to community zones, so keep your conversations low and respect your neighbors. Set your cell phone to at least low and take any long conversation into the stairwell or other private area.
  • The Group Study Zone is the noisiest zone in the library and is used for collaborative study. Since these zones are often close to community zones, respect for your neighbors is important. If you're only socializing, move to a lounge zone.

NOTE: Second Floor is zoned for Group and Lounge use. Don't use this floor if you want a quiet environment.

Send comments and suggestions to David Malone, Library Dean.

Study Zones - Third Floor

Study Zones - Fourth Floor

Study Zones - Fifth Floor