About Microforms

The microforms are located on the 2nd Floor of the Hekman Library in the Cayvan Recorded Media area and in the Meeter Center. Microforms can be in either film, fiche, or ultrafiche formats and each requires a special lens in order to view the film. Ask a librarian about switching out lenses if the need arises. 

MicroFILM is on a reel (35 mm).

MicroFICHE is a small (usually 4x6) plastic card.

ULTRAFICHE is also a small plastic card with with individual pages, usually about a 1/4 inch in size. The library's largest collections of this type are the LEL and LAC collections (Library of English LIterature and Library of American Civilization).

Either the Cayvan staff or the librarian on duty at the Research Assistance Desk can help with locating microforms and using the microform equipment.

Using Microforms

Three machines are provided for use with microforms.

  • The MS6000 Konica Minolta has a built-in printer but not the capability to scan and save to a flash drive or personal drive. There is no computer attached to this machine, so no login is necessary. Users must request a vendacard at the Research Assistance Desk in order to print.
  • The Canon 800 requires a login to use the scanning software. It has no printing capability, but one can scan and save multiple pages to a file, save, and send them to oneself.
  • The newest machine is the ScanPro 2000 with an oversized monitor. This is the best machine for viewing large format documents such as newspapers. The ScanPro software is very flexible and enables the user to customize documents in multiple ways. This machine is also able to print to a remote printer on the same floor. It has all the capabilities of the Canon 800.

For more information on our microfilm collections, please refer to this guide.