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Librarian-curated research guide for Business resources

New Books in Business

Faith Driven Investing
The Power of Organizations
Selling Social
The new rules of marketing & PR
Conversations on Ethics and Business
Resilience and the management of nonprofit organizations

Tips for Searching

Subject headings are often a more accurate and comprehensive way of searching for a topic than keyword searching. Subject headings can be found on the left-hand column of search results in the catalog, or at the end of a book's catalog entry. 

Here are some sample subject searches: 

When searching for books on business ethics, try to use broad terms like management or business, combined with religion or religious aspects.

To remove government documents from your search results, locate the "limit to" row just under the search bar. Then, change "Hekman Library" to "General Collection."

Looking for ebooks?

Youtube Video - How to Search for Ebooks