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Librarian-curated research guide for Communication resources

New Books for Film and Media

Tips for Searching

When looking for books on film and media, try using the search terms Motion pictures or Film criticism as subject searches in the library catalog.

Here are some other sample searches to get started:

In addition, if you're looking for Mass media, you may also wish to try:

Special Resource: Film Reviews

As with book reviews, reviews of recent films can range widely in length and audience or purpose (popular or scholarly). If you're searching (in the databases or on the web) for a popular but still in-depth film review, look for (or search within) these publications that typically offer longer articles:

If you're searching for reviews in a library database, check if you can limit your results by document type ("film review" or just "review").

If you're searching for a review of an older film, you might try one of these print indexes:

Special Collection: Cayvan Recorded Media