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Nursing Research for Beginners

Class research guide for introductory Nursing studies, with resources curated by your liaison librarian

Welcome to Your Library Research Orientation!

For students in the Nursing program, this page will help get you started using Hekman Library's resources for your nursing research assignments. First, please watch the intro video and then, also go through the slideshow module below. Questions? Check out the extra review video links at the end or contact Amanda Matthysse, your nursing librarian.

1. Library Intro Video

Youtube Video - Nursing Student Guide to the Library

*Video created in 2020 - some visuals on the library website have changed during our 2023 summer update, but the content remains accurate for the most part. Updated video coming soon*

2. Library Research Module

Library Research for Nursing
Let's Get Started
1. The Research Question
PICO Diagram
3. Search Strategy
Search Strategy Chart
4. Search String
Time to Search!
Top Features to Check Out in CINAHL
You Did It!

More Helpful Videos

Need to review? Here are some extra videos which go over some of these concepts that you can look at anytime: