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Local Demographic Data

Librarian-curated guide for finding and using local demographic data

Welcome to the Resource Guide for Local Demographics!

This guide will give you suggestions for specific library resources for Local Demographics, broken down by the state, the city of Grand Rapids, and the West Michigan area. You'll also find tips for searching and getting more help from your research librarian!

Spatial capture of geographical area of Michigan

What are Demographics? Demographics can refer to the study of or the actual data collected about the people or society in a specific place or group. From scholarly work to charity endeavors to business to governmental concerns, there are lots of ways in which demographics are used to gather information to address problems or opportunities in society, such as poverty, life expectancy, urban planning, environmental impact, and more. It is extremely important to evaluate your sources for demographics to ensure that the data has been captured in a thorough, objective, and trustworthy way; this guide will help you explore some good sources to start with. 

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