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Request Items

Get items not currently available at Hekman Library.

Get Interlibrary Loan Items

Get Books/Media (InterLibrary Loan) Get Articles/Chapters (InterLibrary Loan)

University Login

  1. Enter Calvin University credentials

Seminary/Others Login

  1. Required Go to Request New Password (for Tipasa, Calvin's InterLibrary Loan Service)
  2. In the User Name field:
    • Seminary: type your 14-digit Seminary ID barcode (e.g. 00001234567800)
    • Others: type your Hekman Library card barcode
  3. Your password will be sent to your Hekman Library e-mail

ILL Status and Renewals

You can log in to your ILL account to check the status of any of your ILL requests. Your account should display for you all pending requests and may provide details if your request has been declined by the lending library or is in transit.

You can also use your ILL account to request a renewal if you need more time with your ILL items. Please note that renewals are permitted at the discretion of the lending library and may not always be available - Hekman Library has no power to provide extensions to ILL loans.