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Welcome University Students!

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The Hekman Library is more than books. This website is your gateway to millions of high quality and scholarly electronic sources located on the web. Google is great, but our research tools are even better! BTW, we also have more than 600,000 books.  

The Hekman Library is more than materials; it's also people. Research specialists will help you find the sources you need to complete research assignments and they'll save you lots of time and frustration. The entire staff is dedicated to making your experience in the library satisfying. Let us know if this doesn't happen.   

Access for University Users: Remember these tips when it comes to accessing library materials at Hekman:

  • Login: When logging into your library account and Hekman databases from off-campus, just use your Calvin username and passphrase to authenticate.
  • Check-out: All you need is your Calvin ID to check out items from the library; bring them to the circulation desk and remember to return them later by their due date. Most general collection materials from Hekman can be borrowed by University students for 2 weeks with unlimited renewals. For more information on loan periods for special collection items, see our Library Circulation page

Ready to Get Connected? Explore our library guide for new students, with all the info and resources you need to get started.