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Wevers' Institutes

A program to search Calvin's Institutes

Use Wevers' Institutes

  1. Download and install DOSBox 
    An open source DOS emulator from SourceForge.
  2. Download and unzip Wevers' Institutes to your device:
  1. Run DOSBox
  2. Enter the following command into the terminal, replacing USERNAME with your computer's username: mount C: C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads
    • If your username was ab12, your command would be
      mount C: C:\Users\ab12\Downloads
    • You'll find your username by going to your C:\Users directory
  3. Type c:
  4. Type cd WEVERS~1
  5. Type 1 of the following commands into the prompt:
    1. .\ESEARCH.EXE - to search for English words in Calvin's, Institutes
    2. .\LSEARCH.EXE - to search for Latin words in Calvin's, Institutes
    3. .\BROWSE.EXE - to browse Calvin's, Institutes