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Music and Worship: A CICW Guide

Librarian-curated to Music and Worship resources and info from the CICW

Recommended Online Recording Sources

Special Resource: Audio Recordings and Sheet Music in the Cayvan Collection

View of Cayvan Collection in Hekman Library - several bookcases and filing cabinets with LP records,DVDs, and CDs          Close-up of paper signs describing organization of worship music CDs in the Cayvan filing cabinets

The Cayvan Recorded Media Collection is on the main level of the Hekman Library and houses all of its movies, music, audiobooks and other multimedia items. Here, you can find and check out CDs, DVDs, and even LP records with music of many different genres, including worship music!

  • Music CDs are stored in grey file cabinets
    • Most popular - Cabinet 4 (classical and popular music), Cabinet #5 (world and ethnic American music), and Cabinet #6 (worship music)
  • Choir sheet music kept in Choral Music Collection shelves
    • Organized in blue binders by voice arrangement (SA, SATB, etc.)
    • Search this collection using the Calvin Choral Music Database here
  • You can make copies of any public domain music here - talk to a librarian for more help
  • Cayvan materials can only be checked out for 7 days, with 2 renewals