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Journal Ordering

There are three ways departments can add new journals to Hekman Library’s collection. All requests for new periodical subscriptions should have the approval of the entire department, and once approved, directed to the department’s liaison librarian or Katherine Swart (Collection Development Librarian).

  • If the cost of a journal is less than $125/year, it can be requested and added to the library’s collection without condition. 
  • If the journal is more than $125, the department will be asked to cancel a journal of equal value. This condition may be waived if the department can demonstrate that the current collection of journals is inadequate to support the curriculum. For example, a departmental program has significantly expanded or a department has seen a resurgence in popularity and/or course offerings.
  • At the time of new course approval via EPC (the college faculty’s Educational Policy Committee), new journal titles may be added to the collection. During a joint review conducted by the library dean or the department's librarian and a department representative, a list of new journals needed to support the proposed course will be created and new funds can be requested to cover the cost of those titles. If this process is followed (the request is made within the new course approval), journal titles can be added to the library collection without condition. For more information, contact David Malone (Dean of the Library) or read more background on the new course policy.