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Wise Scholar Module

Welcome to Research!

The purpose of this module is to equip you with the skills and understanding you need for college-level research on a deeper level. Using the Wise Scholar framework, you'll complete 5 lessons, working through the practices of scholarship (Question, Search, Evaluate, Use, Share) and the values of wisdom (Wonder, Persistence, Discernment, Integrity, Humility). After completing the full module, you'll earn the Wise Scholar badge, which shows you have achieved a basic mastery of research and information literacy concepts.


Wise Scholar: Work and Character

Being a Wise Scholar means looking at the research process in a more meaningful way - rather than a long process with arbitrary regulations to follow, research can be something that really matters to you, giving you a way to explore the world more deeply and make a real impact by building knowledge. That's why we need to talk about research in terms of both work and character, not only skills and how-tos but also values that drive why-we-do. The 5 practices of a Wise Scholar's work are Questioning, Searching, Evaluating, Using, and Sharing; the 5 values that make up a Wise Scholar's character are Wonder, Persistence, Discernment, Integrity, and Humility. These practices and values are at play in every stage of any research project because research itself is very interconnected. It doesn't always go neatly one step after another in a straight line - often, your initial questions will change because of what you're finding, your searching will take on new directions. There's always something more to learn when it comes to research!

Reflection: Wisdom