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Guidelines, regulations, and further information on use of Hekman Library resources, services, and spaces

Printing and Copying in the Library

Multifunction machines for printing, copying, and scanning are located on all floors of the library. These machines require a Calvin ID or guest copy card to unlock for use, with a small charge per page in any job (for Calvin Users, this charge is taken from their University or Seminary account, and for guests, this should be paid in cash at the library Circulation desk). 

Library staff provide paper resupply for the building's machines and can provide basic instructions on printing/copying/scanning but are not responsible for trouble-shooting machine malfunctions. Please contact CIT Helpdesk to report an error. 

How To Print

University Users:

  • Login to WebPrint to submit a document for printing, selecting which print queue or specific printer on campus you would like to print to.
  • Go to either your specifically selected printer or any printer according to your selected queue and swipe your university ID card to unlock and print your document.
  • For more comprehensive instructions, see CIT's page on Printing at Calvin.

Seminary Users:

Use the machines on the 4th floor for your printing and photocopying needs (these are connected to the Seminary's printing network, which is different from the system used to connect the Calvin University printers).


Guests must use the library's public computers to send a document to a printer in the library. To print or photocopy from any library multifunction machines, trade your photo ID for a copy card at the Circulation desk on 2nd floor. Costs are listed below:

  • Copy / Print   $0.20 per page
    Scan to Email   $0.10


Color Printing

In the library building, color printing is only available on the multifunction machine in the lower level near the CIT offices.