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Guidelines, regulations, and further information on use of Hekman Library resources, services, and spaces

Food and Beverages in the Library

  • Food may be eaten throughout the library building but not near the computers.
  • Beverages in lidded containers may be used on all floors.
  • Be sure to always clear away your trash and clean up any spills with bathroom towels (for larger messes, please report to library or facilities staff). Let's be aware of our impact on the library and everyone in it by keeping our spaces tidy.

Noise Policies

Hekman Library space is categorized into 4 different types of zones to regulate noise and accommodate different users' study needs:

  • Quiet Study Zone - for students looking for serious study space with no distractions. Refrain from talking here, and use headphones or turn your devices off to prevent all media noise. Most often fitted with individual study carrels.
  • Group Study Zone - noisy, good for collaborative study with background noise or socializing, most often fitted with group tables

Zone maps are identified on carrels and tables throughout the library.